Note to Bo: Loose Lips Sink Ships

The loose-lips thing was a WWII admonition to civilians who might gossip about what they knew: when the enemy hears it, bad things can happen.

Bo Pelini

Nebraska's Pelini: Read my Lips...

In the case of Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini, it isn’t just a case of the enemy hearing, and in today’s up-close sideline images, it doesn’t have to be hearing-oriented. Lots of us can read lips just fine, thank you very much.

It may be for that very reason that Mr Pelini found himself on the carpet with Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlmann, whose public upbraiding of Pelini over his public upbraiding of players and officials brought about an apology from the coach.

“I don’t agree with every call that’s made, and I probably get too animated,” Pelini said on the weekly Big 12 coaches response to a question about penalties called on the Cornhuskers. “I regret that and apologize for it.”

Not only was the Nebrasksa coach browbeating the officials over the numerous penalties called against the Cornhuskers, but a zoomed-in camera caught Pelini poking the chest of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez as he passed along several clearly readable expletives.

Texas A&M defeated the Cornhuskers 9-3 on Saturday in College Station.

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