Policing the Police.

First, there came the crimestoppers hotline, where citizens can secretly inform authorities of the whereabouts of do-badders.

Now – ironically – the Tulsa Police Department has installed a line to catch the good guys gone bad.

In the wake of a scandal that has reversed sentences, freed prisoners, and cast dispersions on the entire department, Police Chief Chuck Jordan has announced an anonymous tip line that will allow citizens – or other officers – to tattle on policemen and policewomen who bend or break the law, the very thing they were hired to uphold.

People want to be supportive of the communities officers. Television newscasts had images of people with placards backing the police, as though they were victims of some conspiratorial plot. Here are the facts: six former or current police officers and a former federal agent have already been charged in the probe.

Still thinking prosecutorial conspiracy? How about this: one of the former officers, John K. Gray, 44, and the former federal agent, Brandon McFadden, 34, pleaded guilty. Two other former officers admitted stealing drug money in exchange for immunity.

As in any closed society, there are stories and common knowledge occurances that are never made public. How many non-involved officers knew of the corruption and law-breaking and failed to step forward?

At least now, should they decide to uphold the law – and the spirit of the law – they can, even if they must do so behind a badge of anonymity.

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