You Just Bought a Propeller in a Cornfield

Remember that car company that you and I bailed out? The one that couldn’t make it on its own and had to have a government check to reorganize? Remember?

The car company that wiped clean its debts by filing for bankruptcy and starting all over while retaining the audacity to claim a 100 year business history–

Wind Farm

Your Propeller Dollars at Work in North Dakota


Now that they’ve got our cash, what are they doing with it? Installing more efficient production lines? Retooling the human resources department? Slimming down to become a fiercer competitor in the world car market? Putting it in reserve for hard times?


They’re planting windmills in cornfields to the tune of $40-million dollars. Money from our pockets, spent – not for advertising, not for sales incentives, not for rebates, not for salaries or retirement plans – for windmills.


The paid announcement about it was on non-commercial NPR, and quickly referenced on, a renewable resources website:

Auto Offset: Chevrolet Offers $40 Million for Clean Energy Projects
Do you know of a local energy-saving project in need of funding? Chevrolet wants to help. The company announced this week a plan to invest $40 million in clean energy projects across the U.S., with the goal of cutting 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Isn’t this a little like the panhandler asking for a five-spot for lunch and coffee and then slipping off to the liquor store with your money in hand? Or, you finding out your kid has put aside his lunch money every day to secretly buy a new video game at the end of the month?

If General Motors/Chevrolet had asked for government bailout to plant windmill farms, would the check have been in the mail?

Oh, to have a business so large as to not have accountability – at any level.

How’s that propeller working for ya?

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