To the Cloud! Oops…

Unlike their rival Microsoft, Google does not promote computing in the clouds. That doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t store information for users.

Google's Gmail

Glitch claims Google's Gmail Accounts

As many as 150,000 Gmails users tried to access their Gmail accounts Monday morning, only to discover what appeared to be a recently opened account, with all saved documents missing. The actual event began around 3pm on Sunday, when Google announced they were “investigating reports of an issue.”

One user writing on a Google online forum claimed to have lost 17,000 emails that had been saved over a ten year period (likely a frustrated exaggeration, since the service was first released to the general public in 2007).

Users are hoping that the accounts will eventually be restored, and tech workers at the firm claim to have brought a substantial quantity back from virtual-death. “We are fixing the problem. We have restored 1/3 of users and are in the process of fixing the rest,” a Google spokesman said Monday afternoon. “Everything should be back to normal in 12 hours. It is our expectation that everything will be fully restored.”

Operating from “the cloud,” denotes in trendy terms the practice of moving records and data from a personal or corporate computer to be stored on an internet-accessible location. Google’s Gmail offers advice for users regarding backups and recommends that a second copy of data should be kept in a secondary secure location.

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