Fitness with a Twist.

The idea isn’t new. The Jane Fonda Workout was a video hit in 1982, when she recorded a VHS tape to accompany her bestselling book. Now, you can have a SWAT-Team member lead your home exercise program. The trainer has entered the internet age.

Mark Facey

Certified trainer Mark Facey: online. Courtesy

Mark Facey is a Tulsa County Sheriff’s Deputy with a workout mission. The former US Marine Drill Sergeant is a native of Kingston, Jamaica, who arrived in the US in 1962, and served 22 years in active military service.

He knows the drill.

Through his website,, the ACE certified trainer offers a variety of programs ranging from basic exercise to an extreme workout intended to push even the fittest of the fit.

Facey is a believer in nutrition and conditioning as contributors to fitness and weight loss, and steers clear of quick-loss diet ideas.

As part of his personal trainer program, Facey offers one-on-one supervision and group sessions. The online program features varying difficulty sessions that are available by fee-purchase with the click of a mouse, and include exercises that can be done in the comfort of the home gym or living room.

For more information, contact Mark Facey’s Fitness

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