Texas Governor Rick Perry Blasts Obama for Ignoring Fires.

While Oklahoma and Arkansas residents worry about too much rainwater, Texas is still operating under a burn ban that covers most of the state – 211 of the 254 counties – still suffering under drought conditions and grassland fires.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has blasted the Obama administration for its response to the Alabama and Deep South tornado disasters, for the lack of action regarding a request for aid in the Texas grassland fires recovery. Nearly 2-million acres have burned as a result of the continuing drought affecting western Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

Firefighters are still working blazes across the Lone Star State, where 500 residents southwest of Wichita Falls were evacuated on Friday. Two homes have been destroyed in the path of a 200-acre blaze, that officials say are still only ten percent contained on Saturday.

Six new fires broke out on Friday, bringing to 16 the number of active grassland blazes in Texas. The Texas Forest Service is involved in the firefighting, much of which is being conducted from the air, and was successful in slowing a nearly 10-thousand acre fire near Junction, Texas, where a residential subdivision was evacuated.

More than 40 homes have been destroyed in Jeff Davis county and Presidio, where firefighters continued to battle flames on Saturday.

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