Four dead at El Reno as tornadoes rake Oklahoma.

Two persons have been confirmed dead at El Reno, in Canadian County of Oklahoma, as powerful supercells began dropping twisters from storm-darkened skies before sunset.

Officials now confirm that at least four persons have died in El Reno of injuries suffered in Tuesday’s tornadic outbreak in Oklahoma.

Winds have been reported in excess of 150 miles-per-hour in central Oklahoma, and a trailer park near Canton Lake damaged a trailer park. Other areas of the Sooner State have had homes leveled to the concrete slab foundations with debris scattered along a phantom trail left behind by the twisters.

Meteorologists were overwhelmed at times, trying to keep ahead of the many tornadic sightings along a north-south line of storms that bisected Oklahoma along Interstate Highway 35.

The National Weather Service continued to issue watches along the front line as the system moved to the east, even as tornado warnings continued to be issued for counties to the west, and rural communities along the eastern edge of Oklahoma City.

Three children reportedly suffered critical injuries when a twister dropped at Piedmont, according to EMS spokeswoman Lara O’Leary. A gas explosion occurred near El Reno, but it could not be confirmed whether the injuries were related to the event.

I-40 was closed west of Oklahoma City as the storm crossed into El Reno at mid-afternoon, when the first activity first kicked up.

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