Group says cellphone use may cause brain cancer.

They aren’t lumped in the same category as cigarettes as far as personal health is concerned, but an international group says that cellphone you are holding to the side of your head is spraying your brain with cancer-causing radiation.

The agency meeting in Lyon, France declared a 2-B class warning for cellphone users, which means they could cause cancer in humans. The rating is the same applied to car exhaust and the pesticide DDT.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer issued the statement after a weeklong meeting spent reviewing possible links between mobile phone radiation, microwaves, radars, and the like – and the possibility of triggering cancer in humans.

A study just last year came to a different conclusion, indicating that no clear link could be established. That study did raise questions about more-than-ordinary cellphone usage and the occurrence of glioma, a deadly brain tumor. Some called that study flawed, since it began with persons already diagnosed with cancer and studied their cellphone usage in years leading up to their diagnosis.

There are some five-billion cellphone users world-wide, and a comprehensive study may be difficult to maintain over a long period of time because of a lack of control group and the length of time it takes a tumor to develop.

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