Glenn Beck ends his FOX News show Thursday.

Thursday marks the final Fox News Channel broadcast for Glenn Beck, the man who burst into popularity in January 2009 on a late afternoon cable show.

He was featured Wednesday night on the Hollywood-scene program Inside Edition, whining about his perceived ill-treatment at an outdoor film screening with his family.

After his Thursday broadcast, Beck will go into business for himself, running an internet site he’s calling GBTV, where he will stream a two hour show beginning in September. As a subscription site, even his most fervent fans will be required to pay $9.95 for a monthly subscription, or $4.95 to view a single program.

His syndicated radio show will continue without change.

His cable show drew nearly three-million viewers a day at its peak, numbers unseen to that point on cable television during the afternoon. Beck used a chalk board on the set to diagram fantastic and complex theories about things going wrong in the US.

Then came an advertising boycott, when Beck claimed that President Barack Obama had a “deep-seated hatred for white people.” More than 400 companies advised FOX that they did not want their commercials to air during the Beck program.

Even though he still maintained a lead in his time slot, his popularity began to wane, dropping to nearly half of what it was during its heyday, and down nearly 25% from 2010 to 2011.

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