Range fires persist near Fort Worth

Too much water is the problem on the east coast, following rains and surges associated with Hurricane Irene. Lest anyone forget, the lack of water has been going on in Texas and the western half of Oklahoma for months and months.

Possum Kingdom Lake is about 75 miles west of Fort Worth, and is again the site of raging grassfires. The weekend and summer community suffered through an April fire that claimed 127-thousand acres and burned for two weeks over three counties.

Firefighters are hoping that a break in the winds mid-week will allow some progress in the battle against a broad fire that has already claimed thirty homes. 125 others are at risk.

Extreme heat advisories are wreaking havoc on firemen as well as producing tinder for the rolling walls of flame.

“The conditions are a little bit improved, said Steve Fano with the National Weather Service, citing reduced winds. Temperatures will be unchanged, with triple digit highs in the forecast. That – combined with low humidities – will keep the fire danger high across north Texas and western Oklahoma.

More than three-thousand acres are still burning, a range-blaze that is being called the ‘101 Ranch Fire,’ indicating the area in which it broke out. It is believed to be about 25% contained.

A number of homes have been evacuated, but so far, there have been no injuries reported from the latest grassland blaze.

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