Unemployed Illinois man harvests money from garden.

The old adage about how eating broccoli is good for you must be true. An Illinois man was rummaging in his backyard garden looking for some fresh vegetables when he discovered a duffle back among the rows. It was filled with stacks of $20 bills.

Wayne Sabaj is currently out of work and he told Chicago’s WGN-TV that he could certainly use the money. The 49-year old carpenter is staying with his father and decided to go back out and give the garden a second glance. Near the spot where the first bag was discovered, Sabaj found another. Between the two duffels, the bills amounted to some $150-thousand.

After some serious contemplation, he and his father decided the best course of action would be to turn the money in to the police.

There was a brief period – while all that money was sitting in the house – that Sabaj considered keeping it. Figuring the money had to have some bad attachments – a burglary or robbery – and the chance that someone would likely be coming back for it made him antsy and sealed the decision to bring in the law.

“I went and spent my last $10 on cigarettes yesterday, but I turned in $150-thousand,” Sabaj said in a TV interview. “With my luck, it would be bank robbery and I’d get caught and say I’d robbed a bank.”

The police have no suspects, and say they left a note where the bags were discovered indicating the finders should call police. If no one comes forward, Sabaj may be entitled to a share of the funds.

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