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Spanish shows fill two of top-5 primetime slots.

Not so many years ago, network television programming moguls would have denied the possibility that the top TV shows in America would feature wannabe cooks and soap operas in a foreign language. Dramas and situation comedies had largely replaced the … Continue reading

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FEMA aid to Joplin cut off in favor of Irene victims.

The latest east-coast snubbing of the MidSouth can be attributed to Hurricane Irene. First, the inordinate attention given to the storm by the media has become something of an embarrassment, given the actual conditions produced by the hurricane. Media outlet … Continue reading

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Katia gets name and storm status as pre-hurricane.

How will the media treat the latest tropical episode? There is plenty of criticism over the dire media predictions regarding Hurricane Irene and the desperation of reporters to find subjects to support their doomsday rhetoric. The latest system is being … Continue reading

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A&M at the counter for a busride out of the Big12.

How much is the bus ticket from College Station, Texas to the SEC? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $28-million, says the ticketmaster, Big12 Commissioner Dan Beebe. The answer came in response to the question posed by Texas A&M as to … Continue reading

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