Terrorism effective in leadup to anniversary.

The intent is to raise concern, anxiety, and ultimately – terror – from which the new form of warfare has derived its name. Under the guise of terrorism, specific acts of violence do not need to be carried out once a record of such activity is established.

Such is the case with al-Qaida. Having taken credit for the destruction and loss of lives in 2001, any rumblings from the international terrorist group will be heard and certainly considered as to merit. That fact alone is sufficient evidence that the campaign of terror is effective.

Laymen could have conceived the threat of retaliation for the death of Osama bin Laden. The logical time-frame would be the tenth anniversary of the event the terrorist orchestrated. With that date just days away, the Homeland Security Department is advising citizens to expect heightened policing in the face of what they have termed an “active plot” that constitutes a specific unconfirmed threat.

Officials say it is believed to be a car bomb plot that would target bridges or tunnels in New York City or Washington DC, or perhaps both, with information concerning the threat derived from a single source.

There have been no changes in the Sunday itinerary for President Barack Obama, who is scheduled to appear at New York’s 9-11 Memorial, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania – sites of the 2001 attacks. The president will also appear in Washington on Sunday evening for an address at the Kennedy Center.

The raid on bin Laden’s Pakistani quarters uncovered evidence of terrorist intent, and US law enforcement officials are investigating reports that three persons entered the country recently in connection with the plot.

New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has advised residents to be patient with the extended police presence and the possibility of traffic checkpoints during the run of the weekend activities.

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