Dancing dips, new New Girl shines on Tue.

For all the fuss, Dancing with the Stars isn’t doing as well this season. Last year, each new night of dancing took the show spinningly to the top of the ratings. Tuesday night’s efforts were good for half-way up the pack.


FOX landed three shows during Tuesday primetime, and its new New Girl topped all programs, although the number of viewers was far below that of Dancing.

CBS pulled in the viewers with their three offerings in the Top-10, while NBC managed two and UNIvision scored with a single program.

Here are the top ten shows for Tuesday primetime:

1. New Girl, FOX, 9.3 million viewers
2. NCIS, CBS, 19.2
3. Glee, FOX, 8.3
4. NCIS LA, CBS, 16.1
5. Raising Hope, FOX, 6.3
6. Dancing with the Stars, ABC, 14.0
7. Unforgettable, CBS, 12.3
8. The Biggest Loser, NBC, 5.8
9. Parenthood, NBC, 5.5
10. Teresa, UNI, 4.6

Nielsen Co. provides the ratings numbers and rankings.

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