Yanks down. Time for Rangers to step up.

The Yankees were on the big screen and I wasn’t paying much attention. I’ve been accused in the past of being distracted at dinner and I suppose there is some truth in the accusation. It’s hard to stay in the conversation when a good game is on that wide plasma.

I figured New York would dispense with the Tigers and that would be the end of that. Five games just to drag out the drama. Well, it didn’t turn out that way after all.

We life-long Yankee fans have become accustomed to the derisive “buy a team” accusations, but hey! If you can do it, then do it. The trouble – obviously – is that it doesn’t always work.

So, I’ll take up the Texas Rangers banner and cheer for a little revenge against the Yank-bustin’ Tigers.

Despite the current lockout, the State of Texas is still basking in the glow of their NBA title and the shiny hardware in the Dallas Mavericks’ trophy case. The Rangers are the reigning American League champs, you recall, coming up just a little short in the World Series with San Francisco.

So, swap the caps and break out the big screens. It is time to start paying attention.

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