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Fall weather, football, high school memories.

Deep down, I suppose I’ve never really quit considering McAlester as my home town. Wasn’t born there, but graduated from high school at dear old MHS. My freshman year, the Buffaloes won the state football championship. During football season back … Continue reading

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Sheen show finds home on FX Net.

He’s coming back – just not on one of the big-four networks. Charlie Sheen’s new comedy has been acquired by FX and will make its debut in the summer of 2012. Anger Management is loosely based on the 2003 film … Continue reading

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NBA: Can we say play?

Being a sports fan doesn’t mean being a fan of every sport. I still don’t understand ice hockey beyond the idea of hitting the little burned burger-bun into the net. Soccer is a lot like hockey, except it is closer … Continue reading

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Smoking? Video heats up the campaign.

It would have cost a pretty penny going through normal channels, but David Letterman aired the Herman Cain internet ad for free Tuesday night. In a slightly edited form that altered nothing – and perhaps improved the presentation – the … Continue reading

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