Pantie-antie thief in Ark neighbor-hoodie.

Most nights, the holdup is a garter belt, but early Wednesday it was a pistol and a demand for cash at a Little Rock all-night lingerie emporium. As with all armed robberies, questions remain.

Police are wondering, of course, who was the man who entered the shop brandishing a pistol early Wednesday morning in Little Rock, Arkansas. He waved the gun around, demanded money, got a handful and skedaddled out the door.

Then there are the less-critical, but still obvious questions. For example, why is Cupid’s Lingerie still open for business at 2:30 AM? Is that for impulse shoppers who happen to be driving by, or do they have a regular swing-shift clientele that just can’t make purchases during the nine-to-five hours?

Besides the armed bandits, are there enough people coming through the front door nightly to pay the clerk’s wages?

If so, are there franchises available?

Little Rock police spokesman Michelle Howard says a man described as African-American in his early-to-mid twenties and of average height and weight slipped in about 2:30 and then fled on foot after demanding cash.

There was no question about what he was wearing: a hoodie – the costume de rigueur for today’s fashionable armed robber.

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