Moving Madness for McHuston Booksellers

Time is winding down, excitement is cranking up! The Main Street location of McHuston Booksellers is down to its last few days and Wednesday marked the first day in five years (excepting the 2011 blizzard days) that no books were sold. There were opportunities, but the books are all in boxes – at least all but a few stragglers.

Trade accounts will be preserved and transferred to the new location in downtown Broken Arrow. The new location of McHuston Booksellers will be about a mile and a half to the north at 122 South Main Street.

The building currently sports the black awning of Francy Law Firm and is located next to Star Jewelers. Contractors are busy at work on the interior, but the remodel will not be completed before the current location closes its doors. As a result, the inventory will be in storage until the second moving day arrives and they can be arranged in the new location.

“Thank you for your business and your continued patience in the interim,” says McHuston, somewhat worse for wear from packing and hauling.

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