Oklahoma: Quaking in our boots.

Maybe you slept through the latest one – a 3.2 magnitude that was again centered north of Oklahoma City.


Window-rattlers were among the few plagues that Oklahoma residents had successfully avoided over the centuries, but Mother Nature has been making up for lost time.

The Sunday morning earthquake was the sixth recorded event in four days. Officials say the quake hit just before 6:00am and was centered 27 miles north of Oklahoma City.

Earthquakes in the range of Sunday’s 3.2 are near the smallest that can be perceived by people living in the area, although smaller events are regularly recorded by seismic monitoring equipment.

A 3.7 magnitude was recorded Thursday near Prague, three occurred on Friday, and a 2.4 magnitude was recorded Saturday centered at Sparks, Oklahoma.

Given Oklahoma’s penchant for celebrating everything from May to Shalom – it’s only a matter of time before the Prague area will be hosting its first annual QuakeFest.

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