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Getting the Teddy Jack Eddy endorsement.

First, the Gary Busey endorsement for president. Then, the Gary Busey retraction. Since when does the road to the White House run through the former Tulsa late-night show TV sidekick? With all respect to Busey, besides an appearance on Donald … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire: An eReader review from a bookseller.

Here’s why you can believe this Kindle Fire review: I sell books for a living. I never intended to own an eReader. I did not write the review immediately. I can’t say whether I’m more ashamed of having crossed the … Continue reading

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TV spokespersons: not always the model job.

Not every television commercial is better for the presence of the president or CEO delivering the message. Sure, Dave Thomas was endearing as the Wendy’s spokesman. He named the company for his daughter and everyone knew he was a big … Continue reading

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A new chapter for OSU’s Cowboys.

Just as the OU Sooners team was not the same after Sam Bradford slammed to the turf against BYU, the 2011 Oklahoma offense that struggled mightily in the Bedlam game is a different team than the one that began the … Continue reading

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