Battlezone: Craigslist

There is a dark side to Craigslist. The stalkers. Those who would assault. Those who know it all and are armed with a keyboard and internet connection.

Maybe you’ve seen the posts. They usually start with re: – which should stand for ‘really eegnorant’ but it doesn’t.

It’s like this. Someone wants to trade his old pickup truck for something else. Figures it isn’t worth much in cash, but it might bring something of interest in a trade, who knows? After thinking it over for a few seconds, an ad is composed and posted online.

Immediately, the ad is visible to the Craigslist snipers, those who sit in the glow of the monitor, gazing at the new ads, already angry, ready to fire off a – retort.

Maybe that’s what the re: stands for.

In the case of the currently running series, someone would just like to trade his truck, and posted his ad. The Retorter spotted it and – after reading it through – decided the truck isn’t worth near what the lister claims. By Gosh! Those Blue Books are not worth a flip and cars never bring what they are listed for. Everyone, I mean everyone, knows that!

Watch out, says the Retorter in his own posting.

Re: truck

This guy is trying to rip you off. This truck isn’t worth diddly and he just wants to rip you off. Don’t let him rip you off and if you do let him rip you off, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ooooooooh. Them’s fightin’ words!

A third party – who has no vested interest whatsoever in any transaction – now takes up for the original poster.

Re: re: truck

What the heck do you know, buddy? I’ve been in the truck business since before I was even born and it is obvious you don’t know a thing about what you are saying. Get some smarts before you go typing your mouth off.

By now, the fellow offering the truck for trade is wishing he had never posted it online at all. In fact, he was talking to his neighbor a little later and they decided to swap the truck for a leaky jon boat, straight up. Everyone is happy.

On the internet, though the scenario has escalated, and one fellow claims to have tracked down the ISP of the other and arson may be the eventual outcome. The names and ages of offspring are bandied about and methods of torture or death are implied.

Re: re: re: truck

Get a life.

Re: re: re: re: truck

I’ve got a life. YOU get a life.

Re: re: re: re: re: truck

Sorry. She says my supper is ready. I have to turn off the computer now.

There are some individuals who should be required to pass an internet access exam before being admitted to that great Craigslist fraternity.

A peer-group of second graders will conduct the testing.

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