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Molehills, Mountains, Clint Eastwood, and the Eiger.

Don’t ask – it’s a long story – but I’ve been doing some research on an area of the Swiss Alps. Mountain climbing country. One of the peaks near a community called Grindelwald is called the Eiger, once considered an … Continue reading

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Battlezone: Craigslist

There is a dark side to Craigslist. The stalkers. Those who would assault. Those who know it all and are armed with a keyboard and internet connection. Maybe you’ve seen the posts. They usually start with re: – which should … Continue reading

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A Big TY for ESPN. Thank you.

This is a personal thank you to ESPN. Oh, I’ll admit to bad-mouthing you on occasion over the years. The comedy-team anchors. The rah-rah self-promotion. The shameless proselytizing for the First Church of the Divine Tebow. Tonight, I was able … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire Upgrade: a followup.

The Kindle Fire has been recharged enough times that the newness has worn off, and some of the tablet’s shortcomings as pointed out elsewhere have had time to test my patience. Honestly, as an electronic book reading device that allows … Continue reading

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