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Could Angelina be one of the 12 Monkeys?

If you could travel back in time, and ran into yourself as a kid, would it influence your life to come? What if you witnessed – as a kid – the death of someone, and that person turned out to … Continue reading

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TV and the Memory Blast.

I happened to catch Woodstock the other night. Don’t know the channel or network, and I came in late. One of those channel-flipping things. When I recognized what it was, it was during a documentary portion where local residents were … Continue reading

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The Kindle Fire Upgrade: a followup.

The Kindle Fire has been recharged enough times that the newness has worn off, and some of the tablet’s shortcomings as pointed out elsewhere have had time to test my patience. Honestly, as an electronic book reading device that allows … Continue reading

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Technology: Where will it go?

I used to get tickled at the thinking of my mother, who marvels at the technological advances that most of us accept without question. To her, some of the things are akin to magic. I imagined her sense of wonder … Continue reading

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