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EMSA: Tulsa’s Mercenary Motorists

Shame. A word we have replaced with expletives and derivatives in today’s vernacular, but all the same, shame on you EMSA. You are the service with whom the public trust is given at that time of mortal-life crisis, expecting that … Continue reading

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MidSouth hardest hit by food poisoning outbreak.

The Center for Disease Control says the listeria outbreak spread by tainted cantaloupes from Colorado represents the most wide-spread food poisoning event of its type. Illnesses from the current outbreak have been reported in 28 states and the MidSouth is … Continue reading

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Tricky Treat: FDA gives candy warning.

Some scary news – just in time for Halloween. The kids don’t have to worry so much as adults over forty, who could die from eating black licorice. Whoo. That IS scary! Fortunately for me, I wouldn’t put licorice in … Continue reading

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Cantaloupe contamination continues.

If you find a cantaloupe in your Halloween night goody bag, perhaps it is best set aside. For decades, trick-or-treaters have heard the scare stories about tainted treats, but the cantaloupe nightmare continues for consumers and a Colorado grower. Another … Continue reading

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