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Potato famine: the USDA plan to ban the spud.

Faith an’ begorrah! Tis rumblings akin to the Great Famine, the starving of the Irish that sent so many to American shores. The US Department of Agriculture would ban potatoes from our school lunchrooms. The absence of potatoes changed the … Continue reading

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What? No Gott? Newspaper Doctor to retire.

The folksy-medicine column Ask Dr. Gott is gone. Peter H. Gott MD is retiring his popular newspaper advice column after more than twenty years. Readers across the nation (including the Tulsa World) made the six-day-a-week newspaper columnist a household-recognized name. … Continue reading

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MidSouth melons linked to poisoning outbreak.

Consumers across the heartland are being advised to check their melons. An outbreak of food poisoning has been linked to a Colorado produced crop of cantaloupes, the first such contamination to occur in the US. The melons are from the … Continue reading

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Cargill announces second recall from Springdale plant.

Get out the turkey burger fixins and check the label. Cargill is recalling another 185-thousand pounds of ground turkey that may be contaminated. The company had already called back their product in August when a risk of salmonella food poisoning … Continue reading

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