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How close before the violence worries us?

If you got in your car in Tulsa and drove south for half-a-day, you’d find yourself having left the state of Oklahoma for the Mexican state of Nuevo Leone, where the industrial city of Monterrey is located. It’s where Tecate … Continue reading

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Napolitano announces TSA child-search changes

Here is an idea: Apply common sense at airport security screenings. Ooops. Too difficult, apparently. Got to write some rules for screeners to follow. The latest – a modification from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano – will allow most children … Continue reading

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Texas Gov Rick Perry targeted at GOP debate.

Running at the front of the pack – expect a target on your back. Texas Governor Rick Perry had the experience during the Tea Part Express debate on Monday. Perry may have set the bulls-eye in place with the recent … Continue reading

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Terrorism effective in leadup to anniversary.

The intent is to raise concern, anxiety, and ultimately – terror – from which the new form of warfare has derived its name. Under the guise of terrorism, specific acts of violence do not need to be carried out once … Continue reading

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