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good n’ plenty.

Thanksgiving and the Grandma noodles.

In my mind, I’m sitting at a big table with all my family at Thanksgiving. There might be a couple of strangers there too, or neighbors who had no other particular place to be and would enjoy sharing the wealth … Continue reading

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NCAA Football: SEC, 1-2-3.

Whether you are a believer in the BCS system or not – it is the plan in place for NCAA football for the foreseeable future and what it is telling fans this week is: The SEC West is the elite … Continue reading

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Airline is hit with passenger discomfort fine.

I remember being aboard an airline flight that was stuck at the gate, the delay being announced as the result of some minor mechanical snafu. The wait grew longer and longer, and eventually reached the point where frustration mixes with … Continue reading

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Pantie-antie thief in Ark neighbor-hoodie.

Most nights, the holdup is a garter belt, but early Wednesday it was a pistol and a demand for cash at a Little Rock all-night lingerie emporium. As with all armed robberies, questions remain. Police are wondering, of course, who … Continue reading

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