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the red, the blue, the color-blind.

The Old Guard and the New Media.

Having spent the majority of my adult life in the news media, it is increasingly difficult to admire the current product, both written and electronic versions. While many newspapers have adopted new styles to accommodate their new (and dwindling) audience, … Continue reading

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Time to re-research.

If you have an advanced college degree and are passing yourself off as a scientific researcher, you need something to look into; consequently, someone is underwriting the expense of a project that involves babies and learning the fundamentals of speech. … Continue reading

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The Cowboy crashes and condolences.

Our family moved to Stillwater when I was a kid. My father had returned to school and rented a house on the banks of Theta Pond, the OSU reflecting pool. Looking back, I was probably too young to be wandering … Continue reading

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Perry gaffe: Does presidency require unscripted oration?

In all likelihood, the critics predicting the end of the Rick Perry campaign have never stood before an audience to give unscripted answers to unrehearsed questioning. If they had, they would realize that the possibility to go blank exists in … Continue reading

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