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Molehills, Mountains, Clint Eastwood, and the Eiger.

Don’t ask – it’s a long story – but I’ve been doing some research on an area of the Swiss Alps. Mountain climbing country. One of the peaks near a community called Grindelwald is called the Eiger, once considered an … Continue reading

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Fake ref streaker highlights AZ-UCLA game.

Somewhere in the middle of ESPN’s event coverage Thursday night – was a football game. It was nearly lost in the meandering coverage from the booth, a late first-half brawl, and a score that clearly indicated the level of play … Continue reading

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Big12 sends notice in OSU pounding of Arizona

A record-setting performance by Cowboy quarterback Brandon Weeden against the Pac12’s Arizona Wildcats may have served notice that the breakup of the Big12 might not be a good thing for the west coast conference. There is continued speculation that Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Arizona fire threatens to move into New Mexico

The Arizona fire may soon become the New Mexico fire. The blaze they are calling the Wallow fire began – officials believe – as an unattended campfire and will likely be the largest wildfire in that state’s history before it … Continue reading

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