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Could Angelina be one of the 12 Monkeys?

If you could travel back in time, and ran into yourself as a kid, would it influence your life to come? What if you witnessed – as a kid – the death of someone, and that person turned out to … Continue reading

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Branson mansion fuels Brad Pitt rumors.

Midway between Springfield and Branson, Missouri, is a building site that is fueling the fires of more rumors than the drought-stricken MidSouth grassland. It’s not a new stage for the Oak Ridge Boys, and it’s definitely not the retirement home … Continue reading

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Joplin deaths at 139, sympathies expressed worldwide

Update: Without explanation, officials have lowered the total to 139, after earlier reporting that the death toll at Joplin had been raised to 142. It is believed to be the largest tornado ever recorded – at least since records have … Continue reading

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