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What’s next? Debt ceiling finally raised.

The bickering, name-calling, posturing, and politicking may not be over, but the issues will be something other than the debt ceiling vote. The normally-routine congressional action was finally passed by Congress with a 74-26 Senate vote. Meanwhile, President Obama said … Continue reading

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Obama says US will not release photos of Osama bin Laden

Don’t click on the link offering images of Osama bin Laden – President Barack Obama told CBS News on Wednesday that he has decided not to release photos taken during and after the daring Navy Seals raid in Pakistan. In … Continue reading

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Obamakey. Does one fit all?

It makes one wonder. Does the president have a really big key ring for all those doors, or is there a master that opens them all? And, why doesn’t President Obama carry a key to his house so he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Courting health.

We all want to be healthy, and we’d all love affordable health care. The problem is, given the various states of our personal economies, one person’s affordable health care is another person’s final-straw financial burden. The new national health regulations … Continue reading

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