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Visiting Square One: Numb3rs

Sometimes, it is worthwhile to take those prognosticators back to the beginning and hold their feet to the fire. For example, the snarky review of Numb3rs, the crime drama that only recently went off the regular schedule, as reviewed by … Continue reading

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Kindle Fire: An eReader review from a bookseller.

Here’s why you can believe this Kindle Fire review: I sell books for a living. I never intended to own an eReader. I did not write the review immediately. I can’t say whether I’m more ashamed of having crossed the … Continue reading

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Review: McNellie’s Public House, Tulsa

The sign above the door says McNellie’s Public House, and that’s a lot how the interior sounds once you step over the threshold. Of course, a popular restaurant will likely present a little noise from the dining public on a … Continue reading

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Review: Transformers Dark Side Kicks Bot.

It is telling that a 15-year old male – presumably a member of the film’s target audience – would describe the latest installment of the Transformers franchise as “kinda long.” Despite that (correct) assessment, the Michael Bay-directed action movie earned … Continue reading

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