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Late game loses fans and media coverage.

In a small town, the morning newspaper can be put to bed in the wee hours. That is to say, the actual printing of the pages can be done in the morning, and the deadline for news items can be … Continue reading

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Daily Oklahoman to change hands after 100+ years.

Tradition and history cannot be manufactured – they must be created over time. Part of both will be lost with the sale of the Daily Oklahoman newspaper in Oklahoma City. E.K. Gaylord and a couple of associates formed the Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Tulsa World rates TPD trial as high drama.

To see the size of the headline on the Tulsa World, you might think that World War III had been declared or that President Barack Obama had been assassinated. A single conviction in an FBI drug sting trial involving the … Continue reading

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World Editor Connors inducted into Hall of Fame.

Head coaches and sports reporters don’t always get along: witness the infamous Gundy rant at an Oklahoman sportswriter. It wasn’t the case with longtime Tulsa World writer and editor Bill Connors. As to that point, Connors was represented by former … Continue reading

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